Theory 9 – Mass hypnosis

September 10, 2009

The numbers aren’t those numbers we all just believe him through some sort of mass hypnosis in the press – didn’t you see the metro cover?



  1. Nice theory. Except that not everyone in the world is susceptible to hypnotism. There would be some people telling us the emperor had no clothes on. I still thing that, to some extend, he has hypnotised the lot of us, but not to imagine we saw something that we didn’t… http://nicolamonaghan.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-did-he-do-it.html

  2. hmm i posted on the wrong thread! here, have it in this one as well.
    Yeah i thought about his horse racing malarky when he had a losing ticket and placed his hand upon the glass at the cashiers office and said “this is the winning ticket.” which made her change her mind and pay out….If he can make one person believe him by just saying so, whats to say he can’t spend a year figuring out how to do it to the whole nation?. I think a little help from his father, the necromancer, the dark one, he who walks backwards is also a major part in this scheme. Virgins blood anyone? 😉

  3. Fun, but not plausible theory.

  4. It’s easily fixed, that. He not only hypnotised us to believe that he got it right, he hypnotised us to ignore the people telling us we were hypnotised. Which is why this page only has 3 comments rather than 30.

  5. I stated this very theory on Facebook last night. I think we’re all part of John Wymdham novel and Derren Brown is an alien.

  6. Ignorance Blinds everyone. Im sorry to destroy your make-believe world with facts but:
    1.Its illegal to hypnotize people on television.
    2.There are easier ways than hypnotism.
    3.Its a much more complex system than merely “making you believe stuff”.
    Sorry but, you know. I feel like Ive told some kids that Santa Doesnt exist.

  7. One problem with this theory… is it still hypnosis if he’s a Jedi?

  8. didn’t see the metro cover. clearly this isnt the correct theory.

  9. Illegal. Who cares about legalities when you’re the spawn of Satan??
    But fairly it *could* easily be a split screen and Derren could just make stuff up to tell us on his show tonight. Trust nobody! let alone what you see on the tv.
    (bearing in mind i would like to be Derrens assistant even if he is Satan himself. I think it would be fun. But he SO couldn’t make me electrocute a kitten.)

  10. I want to be clever.

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