Theory 8 – Hiding his balls

September 10, 2009

The balls were hiding behind the card and you can see Derren doing something with his left hand during the numbers falling down. He performs a clever quick switch at some point where he has set up them in his sleeve or jacket. Look carefully at his clothing and you can see hit jacket arm move awkwardly.



  1. I think this is the most logical one of all. A classic sleight of hand move. Texting is impossible inside of the studio where they film.

  2. Performs a clever switch at some point? Well thats pretty vague isnt it, switching 6 ping pong sized balls seamlessly with millions of people watching? (and recoding an watching again), not to mention he would have to draw the numbers on the balls perfectly! there may be a role for prestidigitation but i cant see it being the crux of the trick.

  3. He has 49 balls up his sleeve, and manages to get the right ones out, in numerical order, onto the stand, in a matter of seconds??? Hmmm… I think that’s more difficult than guessing the numbers!

  4. Theory 4: Derren Brown had hidden his balls….How very dare you?!!! What a fucking liberty!!! Hahahahaha! Oups ! might not be published but the play word was so tempting…

  5. His hands never go near the top of the pedestal, though!

  6. I’ve watched it again and again, and there is no movement and certainly no switching that I can see….

  7. 6 balls all in a row, swapped, with all the numbers the right way up without us seeing (unless there was some camera trickery going on)? No.

  8. I watched it frame by frame. This idea was ruled out.

  9. I just wanted to post in the thread that suggested Derren was hiding his balls…bwahahaha

  10. or maybe he’s swallowed 49 balls and with some stomach manipulating voodoo regurgitates the correct ones in order into his hand – i mean, just what is he up to with his hand over his mouth for all that time?

  11. the screen was split AFTER derren walked away from the row of balls, the right hand side of the picture remained live throughout while the left side was switched to an earlier recrded shot of the row of balls, the “false” row clip hid the studio hand who placed the correct balls on the plinth as each one was called out while the uk was looking at Derren, (and who wouldn’t? he does indeed cut a fine figure) oops! sorry… yeah. then when all the balls had been replaced with the correct ones the effect was wiped back to the live shot (of the now correct balls)leaving the enigmatic Senior Brown to stroll over and turn the balls around and astound (and atract) the nation. (in equal measure) dale north.

  12. This is clearly the solution. There is a camera technique available that allows two images be shown at the same time. The right-hand side of the image is live. For part of the time, the left hand is pre-recorded. The two images are overlaid to allow someone to place balls with the correct numbers once they are known. There is a 35 second gap between the 6th number being drawn and Derren showing them, more than enough time for this to happen. The mistake made surrounds the left hand ball. The holder is tight for 6 balls, so as to prevent sideways movement but this means vertical movement is more likely. The ball in question appears to move about 5mm upwards when the switch from recorded to live happens. This gap can be clearly seen when the camera zooms in to the 6 presented numbers. The camera shake is there to throw people off the scent but the shake is pre-programmed to add to the illusion.

  13. He uses the card to hide his right hand so that he can get the extra balls.

    The trick would be not hiding a whole ball, he just has half a ball and the other half is on the stand itself and you drop them in behind. If the flat edge of the ball is black you wouldn’t see them fall against his black suit.

  14. Hiding the balls, somehow, with a now legendary stage magic method dating 1862…

    Dr.Raffaele De Ritis, Italy

  15. even if he hidden the balls surely he had to hide the right balls other wise cant hide 1mill of balls in his sleeve can he? so that doesn’t work out because even if he hide the balls he had to hide the right balls

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