Theory 10 – bribery.

September 10, 2009

Who cares how he did it? Camelot were bribed or manipulated by Brown. He’s already robbed a security van, stop this man now!!!



  1. Camelot “we’re” bribed with bad grammar?

  2. I think he shrank 6 people to the size of eggs, placed them carefully inside the balls and then as the numbers came up, armed with tiny black markers, wrote on the numbers and then climbed back inside their ball shaped hiding places of trickery. You’ll notice that at no point did Derren touch the balls for fear of injuring his micro assistants.

  3. Camelot would not do this, as it would be illegal and would lose a million pound contract with the BBC

  4. Lmao! It HAS to be this one! On Friday he will show us how to make ourown shrinking machine! Can’t wait, going out to buy loads of cearel boxes and some masking tape right now!

  5. Just one theory that could work, along with others, is that the balls are made from or wrapped in E-ink. I’m not sure how far the technology has come along, but this footage is fairly old now and makes it seem plausible as an option. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNO19PoQOI0&feature=related

  6. Honey, I shrunk the kids, they all hid in the lotto balls, etching the numbers as Derren spoke.

  7. who cares how he did it !
    he’s amaaazing !!
    leave the man alone , he spent a year of his life to entertain you people so leave him be !
    he’s gonna tell us on friday so give it a minute.

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