Theory 7 – Time Travel

September 10, 2009

Derren is a time traveller. Everyone knows this consider this a warning, soon he will take over the world and make us all his minions.



  1. hahahhaaaaa !!! i think this is the best theory!

  2. I for one welcome our illusionist overlords.

  3. He’s just a witch- burn him. Not really, we all love you Derren 🙂

  4. This is definately the right theory! I even saw him with The Doctor once!!

  5. Well technically he was travelling through time… at a speed of 1 second for every second that passes, just like the rest of us 😉

  6. Because burning would stop him. He’d just make you think you were burning him, until you realised you’d set fire to yourself.

  7. This is without a doubt the most plausable explanation, at last, someone who speaks sense! ;o)

  8. Yeah i thought about his horse racing malarky when he had a losing ticket and placed his hand upon the glass at the cashiers office and said “this is the winning ticket.” which made her change her mind and pay out….If he can make one person believe him by just saying so, whats to say he can’t spend a year figuring out how to do it to the whole nation?. I think a little help from his father, the necromancer, the dark one, he who walks backwards is also a major part in this scheme. Virgins blood anyone? 😉

  9. Well he did do an episode of one of his series with David Tennant aka “The Doctor” in it… 😀

  10. It’s definitely this one.

  11. This is my fave theory and i can just see the Doctor and Derren together, exellent!

  12. Not sure I’d mind being Derren’s minion 🙂

  13. I love this one! When I first though the numbers where projected I felt like a genius for about 3 seconds…rubbish!
    There’s no way that someone that is not an illusionist himself would come up with the right theory. so I vote for the time travelle-soon to be ruler of the world! Hurra!

  14. This is definitely the correct theory. No other plausible explanation 🙂

  15. hehe, I knew it… he is the Master, can’t be the Doctor, but definitely a Time Lord 😉

  16. haha. i wish he would 😛

  17. If we take the Trick or Treat episode where he sends a guy in the “future” using hypnosis, to see what’s in the newspaper, it’s very likely that he would be able to do the same with himself. Going into trance and focusing on a very specific event in the future, and do it quite a few times and compare results, until there seems to be a strong enough correlation between each time.

    Moreover, based on quantum physics principles where everything is a field of potentialities, he could then take these potential results and visualize those numbers to happen, helping them cristallize by having strong intention. The same way that people can affect Random Event Generators by focusing more on 1 or 0.

    By using these two techniques combined together on a long period of time (dunno if it REALLY took him a year though), it could create the kind of results that we saw.

  18. lols

  19. This is not only the most believable option, it’s also the option that is most satisfying.

    I suspect Derren needs to be filmed stepping out of a Police Box and looking nervously around before skulking off screen…

  20. Time Lord. Truth.

  21. @John Please tell me you’re not serious, please!
    If you aren’t this is one of the best posts in here.
    If you are, well, good for you!

  22. AHAHA I love this one =D

  23. *chants* Time Lord Time Lord Time Lord Time Lord Time Lord Time Lord Time Lord…


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